Michael Van - Visual Artist 

Hi, I'm Michael, your humble and faithful resident artist at michaelvanstudio.com

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I've been painting since a kid and have some formal art education, although my primary academic endeavors are in science. Painting is a way for me to to relax the mind, and to explore deeper into my subconscious - to face and embrace - what may be accumulating there. 

I often see art that looks pain-staking to have produced.  That is not my mojo. I move loosely, quickly, and on multiple pieces at a time. It's the mistakes and accidents - the imperfect human element - that are the most beautiful to me.  The end result is more often terrible than not, and hence a final painting usually has tens of paintings beneath it. 

Some of my favorite artists are Diebenkorn, Basquiat, and Rothko in that they also, intentionally or not, give the impression of a certain looseness and freedom, an impression of effortlessness in their works. Art should be fun, not anal-retentive. And that's all I have to say about that.

In my day job I do graphic design, digital marketing, and public relations for a hospitality management company. Any profits from painting go straight into materials to produce more paintings.  I get supreme joy in knowing that my paintings hang in homes, restaurants, offices, galleries, and hospitals from Australia to Norway. Part of that is validation, but mostly it means I have created something larger than my  short-lived organic self.  The paint and canvas will survive much longer than I will, and ideas - they can be immortal.

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